Dr. Dean DePice

Dr. Dean DePice Dr. Dean DePice

Lifetime Wellness Care from Hello

Sunday, April 24 

8am - Noon

 This four-hour course contains information pertaining to patient lifetime wellness care.  The topics for each hour are sharing chiropractic truth with your community, standards of care, education and engagement of wellness care and lifetime assessment and reassessment of care plans.   Chiropractors and students will learn how to apply these tools to their patients from the beginning of care through maintenance and supportive care.  

Hour 1 Sharing Chiropractic Truth with Your Community Clinical Sciences

  • Challenge our existing thinking on what is truth versus common beliefs within chiropractic and outside chiropractic
  • Sort and test whether a belief is a truth or not
  • Application of sharing truth as it applies within chiropractic as well as medicine and the public


Hour 2 Standards of Care – Reverse Engineered Clinical Sciences

  • Develop standard of care guidelines specific to wellness care
  • Create plans of care that result in wellness care
  • Explore the five standards of wellness care
  • Differentiate wellness care from maintenance or supportive care


Hour 3 Education and Engagement of Wellness Care Clinical Sciences

  • Educate patients on how to assess their most realistic expectations of wellness care based on their body’s potential versus their limitations
  • Provide a process for interaction steps with the patient so they personally determine how their receiving of wellness care will serve their overall health
  • Exploring tools of delivery that will enable the doctor to effortlessly, in the moment, slow down the talking at people and engage the patient to choose to comply with their best recommended lifetime care choices


Hour 4 Lifetime Assessment and Reassessment of Care Plans Clinical Sciences

  • Continually reassess how effective the care plan is serving as your blueprint for the patient’s care
  • Evaluate your transition criteria to move patients from one phase of care to the next
  • Determine your territories of initial intensive, continued corrective, and wellness, maintenance, and supportive care
  • Assess if or when patients need to be removed from wellness care


Chiropractor.  Coach.   Provocateur.

Dr. Dean DePice has been adjusting atlases and cultivating thriving practices with TLC Coaching for decades.   Together with his brilliant wife, Dr. Jen, he raises up vibrant Chiropractic Teams & Families.  As a Chiropractor and as a Coach, he is luminary in our great profession.