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Dr. Dan Bai

Optimizing Patient Care Acceptance Rates

Modern chiropractors biggest challenge usually surrounds the ability of a patient to comply with his/her best recommendations.  There are a plethora of considerations that dictate the practitioners ability to inspire and assure that

a patient will follow these guidelines.  In a world now filled with skepticism and independent thinking, chiropractors must adapt to this new paradigm and remain congruent with current world views and opinions.  This class will cover modern behavioral trends in healthcare from the consumers perspective. Also covered is the delineation between sales, marketing and the ethical considerations surrounding.


Although Dr. Dan is a graduate of Life University in 2001.  He is an author, speaker and consultant to chiropractors worldwide.  He is in active practice and uses it as a laboratory to teach chiropractors best practices in business.  CloseForChiro is the leading and most provocative business training company in chiropractic and his talks are edgy and always leaves his audience with actionable concepts and strategies they can use right away.


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