Dr. Jen DePice

Dr. Jen DePice Dr. Jen DePice

 Immunity – Risk and Benefit Analysis Research Trends

 Saturday, April 23

8am - Noon

To educate the chiropractor on the research pertaining to viruses and chiropractic.  Viruses are omnipresent.   Coexisting with viruses is the opportunity of our immune system.   Utilizing our knowledge of immune memory equips us to be protected from the damaging effects of viruses.  Exploring who is at risk of being immune compromised provides the necessary focus on the vulnerable population.  Research reveals evidence that supports the essential value of our immune system.

Hour 1:  Coexisting with viruses and bacteria – prevalence and threat of living with or without them.

Hour 2:  How immunity develops and innate works to our benefits – differences in innate and acquired immunity in the function of our bodies.

Hour 3:  Immune memory – research on commoralities of corona viruses and immune reactions, antibodies and cells.

Hour 4:  Who is at risk of being immune compromised?  Study of immunosenescence and comorbidities and behavioral risk factors.



CLEVELAND CLINIC study revealing PREVIOUSLY infected people less likely to be reinfected whether or not vaccinated.


Veteran Chiropractor, Co-Founder of TLC Coaching and Visionary Integrator, Dr. Jen DePice has been serving chiropractic and her community indefatigably her entire life.  Her heart beats to cultivate deeper engagement within families and teams because she knows that when our personal lives are floundering, our professional lives are fundamentally inhibited.